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A mobile application intended for managers and other employees who need to have information on the current processing status of individual accounting documents always at hand.

What you cannot measure,
you cannot manage.

Main benefits

MARION mobile application speeds up selected logistical and administrative processes in the organization and provides users with the necessary data for the decision-making process, including mutual communication 24×7 from anywhere.


Time and cost savings

Detailed information on all accounting documents, including related attachments. Clear display of their current status. Defined accounting operations on selected types of documents.

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We monitor document status changes and other important events for you and notify you accordingly by email, SMS or in-app notification.


Easy searching

You can always find exactly what you need using voice or advanced search.



Historical and current comments linked to
a specific type of accounting document will ensure that your important communication never gets lost.


Synchronization with FaMa+

Data from the application are regularly synchronized bilaterally with FaMa+ back office. In this way, you have comprehensive data on all accounting documents
at your disposal.


Intuitive control

Simple and clear control for every user.

Electronic circulation of documents within FaMa+

Elektronicky obeh dokladu - uvodni foto1

A modern tool for effective management of the life cycle of key documents within the organization. It facilitates the acquisition and approval of various types of documents such as invoices, orders, contracts and public contracts. The solution is fully integrated with a cloud service based on OCR systems for mining paper documents with the added value of artificial intelligence.

Business contact

Ing. Michal Tesařík, MBA
+420 724 444 451


tř. Kosmonautů 1288/1, Olomouc
+420 587 333 405